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Augustus 09, 2012, 21:29:41
Ik weeg 88kg en heb enkel stand up paddle ervaring.

Welk surfboard van F-One zouden jullie me aanraden ?

Fish :

"Difficult to change a shape that worked so well in light wind and small waves! Its perfect rocker gives our Fish boards their incredible early planning ability and their maneuverability which remains unchanged. We worked on the outline with very slight modifications. Our goal was to facilitate entry into fast carves with an ever faster exit. A wider nose gave us that result. Easier during your turns, our FISH also gained in stability with a more natural drive, less technical.
Available in two sizes, these two Fish offer the same program; oriented toward light wind and small waves. We recommend the 5'4 below 80kg, the 5'6 above."

Signature :

Radical innovation here, 100% new shapes, two boards that represent the culmination of 15 years of R&D on kite boards dedicated to wave riding.
By giving up some surf principles for creating kite specifics, they are no longer surfboards tweaked for  kite use, but real surfboards developed specifically for having a kite in your hands, whatever the conditions.
Because a kitesurfer does not need a lot of volume to take off - as opposed to a paddle surfer - the volume distribution was optimized through a unique new shape: an inverted concave deck. It allows to both lower the center of gravity and to increase the control by reducing the thickness of the board under the front leg, without affecting the profiles of the rails. The result is a significant gain of control in your turns. The inverted concave deck allows the use of pads twice as thick under your front legs to further enhance comfort.

Surf :

For paddling surf, strapless kitesurfing or strapped kiteboarding, these two boards will adapt to the conditions of wind or waves you will face. For a wave trip, if you must take only one board, it is one of these two boards that will accompany you.
The 6'2": Mitu choice since its addition in the range, and he will use it again in 2012!. Its volume oriented to surf allows the use of a smaller kite size and doing the most daring transitions and hits at low speed.
In 2012, the 6'2 underwent its first refinement, with a slight modification of its rocker, the addition of a V-Shaped bottom and a slightly wider outline at the nose. Objectives: gain in stability during turns and improved transition from rail to rail and finally, a significant gain in liveliness in all conditions, whether in pure surf, strapless kite or not.
The 6'4": Already had a slight update in 2011 and for 2012 remains unchanged. It's more accessible for paddle surfing during take-off. Its width gave it the advantage in light air and its natural upwind ability means you will be the first to reach the peak, and often alone..."

Als ik F-One volg dan is het de laatste : "For a wave trip, if you must take only one board, it is one of these two boards that will accompany you."

Kan iemand me meer vertellen over de karakteristieken van de boards ?
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