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Eclipse Thruster (2007)

Thruster (2007)

De 2007 Eclipse Thruster in het kort.

Do you still love the performance and feel of your C-kite but crave the safety, range, and re-launch ability of the new SLE and Bow kites? Then the THRUSTER is the kite you have been waiting for! With the THRUSTER, you no longer have to sacrifice between safety and performance. Designed specifically for Dimitri's riding style, the THRUSTER provides enough hang time for him to hit all his moves at 40 feet - imagine enough air to execute four tricks in one jump!

The THRUSTER is our competition-ready hybrid kite which feels familiar right out of the bag. We fused a C-kite with a bow kite to create the ultimate freeride and competition machine. If you want to boost, to pop, to ride waves, or to simply cruise around with power and control, the THRUSTER is your kite. You will feel like Superman when you tap the THRUSTER'S insane airtime and gliding ability. Attempting that new move has never been safer or easier. The THRUSTER utilizes our Extensive Airtime System, which allows the rider to glide longer than ever before possible. And get this - your suicide leash has become your safety leash. No more bone-jarring yanks. . .

Bar System
While the THRUSTER is high octane, we insisted that the bar be low maintenance, which is why our THRUSTER kites all use the EZ Lock bar system. With our exclusive Clam Cleat that actually releases if you get slammed, you can push the THRUSTER to your limits without having to worry about the bar.

While hooked into the chicken loop, you merely hold the Clam Cleat where you want it and force the bar upwards against the Clam Cleat to lock it. If you want to unlock the Clam Cleat, you merely pull on the loop strap. Under normal circumstances, the Clam Cleat locks tightly in place. But, if you are ever slammed into the water, the Clam Cleat will actually disengage automatically to de-power the kite. No more stopper ball nightmares.

The EZ Bar eliminates nightmares and out-of-reach bars. The EZ Lock bar's depower movement is a mere 35 cm! Imagine - a kite bar which if safe and practical. And if you happen to own any other ECLIPSE kites, the same bar works with all kites.

Build Quality
When you design a kite for Dimitri Maramenides, you know that it has to take a beating. If you have ever seen Dimitri ride, then you know he throws insane moves close to the beach. When he doesn't make it, the kite crashes into the beach more often than into the water. The THRUSTER has been designed to power through a killer session, ready for more. If you're working on multiple kite loops or riding monster waves, the THRUSTER is a kite that will get you and the kite through your learning process. Like all of our products, the THRUSTER is built out of the finest materials available. No expense has been spared in our effort to build one of the most durable products on the market. We put quality ahead of profits at ECLIPSE because we ride these kites, too, and we want kites that will last. Made by the riders for riders.







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