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wipika AirBlast (2001)

AirBlast (2001)
AirBlast (2001)

De 2001 wipika AirBlast in het kort.

WIPIKA precision construction produces a consistent and precise power stroke with added overall strength and responsiveness for the AirBlast kite.

    * Polyester Ripstop panels.
    * Laminated Polyester Inflatable struts.
    * Mylar reinforced elliptical wing tips.

Every component is designed to fit the exact geometry of each individual size based on VARC.

The all new AirBlast 4 line dedicated kite covers the complete spectrum of wind with 7 sizes available, from our light wind powerhouse 16.4m2 / AR 6.4 down to the 3.1m2 / AR 2.6 high wind solution. AirBlast Higher Aspect Ratios equals increased lift and power for the rider in 2001. The AirBlast kite is designed for advanced through expert kiteboarders. The advanced design of this kite enables riders to head up-wind faster, jump higher with more hang time.

The new Reactive Technology system, means instant relaunching of the kite backwards of the water. Pull on the back lines when the kite is down on it's leading edge and experience the kite relaunching instantly off the water.

FREEAIR Wipika kite complete kit ready to fly comes with Bridle, Pump, Glue Kit, 2 lines, a control bar with safety leash system, User Booklet and Instructional Wipika Video.

    * Easy relaunch from water: 100% success in less than a minute by a good pilot with at least 8 knots of wind.
    * The skin is made of 48gr/m² polyester ripstop fabric. The frame is made of a special made 90gr/m² polyester fabric with a mylar coating.
    * High quality plastic tubes are installed inside the "struts". Access to the tubes is easy, a zipper is sewed on the main strut.
    * Multiple uses: water, sand, snow and grass.
    * Great flying capability (13 years of R&D).

Sizes are projected, real surface area is prjected size x 1.36







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