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Airush Lift (2005)

Lift (2005)

De 2005 Airush Lift in het kort.

Born to perform, the Lift remains the benchmark for efficiency, and as the name implies, huge altitude! Powering up in the lightest of winds it locks out and drives, flying effortlessly while responding quickly to fingertip pressure.

The Lift offers a perfect blend of pivotal and power turning, the kite turns quickly in the window and injects precise power suited to the most aggressive riding styles. The same characteristics allow it to fly further forward in the window, giving a remarkable upwind edge. Always composed, this kite inspires confidence to explore the full wind range and your own abilities.

"So much range, so smooth, so light and easy, I could not believe it was possible"
Julian Sudrat. 1st KPWT Les Sable D'Olone








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