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Gong Unik (2020)

Geschikt voor beginners

Unik (2020)

De 2020 Gong Unik in het kort.

The Unik is a brand new kite profil. It perfectly mixes up the slenderness of a Strutless V3 (with a lower aspect ratio) with the temper of a more powerful with a significant and advanced hollow.

Conceived and designed on Surfplan (the best 3D conceptual software in the Kite world as used by all major Brands), the Unik actually hits you by its beauty.

The second important point is that, with the Unik, you can do everything.

Unik kites are designed to be very versatile and to adapt to any riding types (TT, strapless, surf, foil).

Light and with its single inflatable strut, the Unik flies in pretty much nothing. Perfect for those who love to ride underpowered with a foil.

It’s also an amazing kite for surfing because it’s very manoeuvrable and light. It has a crazy drift and an impressive responsiveness which will excite the curves fans.

Finally, with quite a big kite and well strapped, you gonna get the lifting feeling for sure! It goes up very fast and kite loops are an absolute treat.

Plus, a very light kite that will satisfy those who surf with a directionnal, and those who ride with a TT.

The Uniks are built with the highest quality materials on the market : Teijin triple Rip-stop (T9669), DPL175LL skeleton, TPU 0,1mm bladders.

To comply with the new navigation regulations, we have integrated a laminated label on the intrados, close to one tip, to put the owner’s personal information on it: last name, first name, phone and address.

Design :

  • Sober, light and elegant.
  • Logo GONG + sizing on one tip.
  • Logo Unik on the opposite tip









Statistieken sessielogs totaaloverzicht

maten sessies dagen* uren tijd gem wind min wind wind max
9m 16 16
51u 3:09u 8 kn 13.0 - 18.6 kn 25 kn
6.8m 4 4
10u 2:22u 12 kn 16.5 - 23.5 kn 30 kn
4.4m 3 3
7u 2:10u 14 kn 16.7 - 25.0 kn 30 kn

*Procenten geven het percentage aan van de dagen er gekite werd.
**Het totaal van het aantal sessies waar 1 of meerdere gegevens van onbreken.
***Totaal aantal sessie-aankondigingen die nog niet omgezet zijn in een sessie.

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