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Airush Vantage (2014)

Vantage (2014)

De 2014 Airush Vantage in het kort.

The all new 6 strut design in combination with the Reflex Profile increases stability through the canopy while allowing the kite to sit as far forward into the window as possible. Tested in wind tunnels and podium placed on the PKRA Slalom Tour by Oswald Smith already, the Airush Vantage is the top contender for the competitive circuits.
The 18m Vantage continues to use the 3 strut design and extremely lightweight bridles to maximize the performance in the most extreme lightwind racing conditions.
Added to the canopy is Teijin Technoforce D2, featured on all Team Series products to give the rider the absolute best quality material used in kiteboarding. Reducing stretch and UV Damage, the kite will perform longer and stay stronger from the very first time out of the bag.

//Key features
- Incredible upwind performance. Massive lift.
- Extreme hang time.
- Light bar pressure.
- Airush Hardcore Construction details.
- Tunable bar throw and bar pressure options.
- V3 bridle system.
- FBI (Fast Bladder Inflation) with anti-kink tubing.

//Unique Characteristics
- Extreme upwind angle.
- Extreme Light Wind Performance.
- Massive lift and endless hang time.







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