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Eclipse Nano (2007)

Nano (2007)

De 2007 Eclipse Nano in het kort.

The NANO is a new concept designed exclusively for the needs of wave riders, snow kiters, and world travelers. With the SS Bridle, the NANO moves the beginning kiter quickly from the early stages to busting out new moves with ease.

The NANO is designed to master a surfboard while still being fast enough to let you smack the lip with confidence. Still, the NANO is stable enough to cruise around without focusing on the kite.

The NANO is designed for riders to maximize its small size, fast movement, and light weight to their advantage. The NANO's increased foil area helps to create a low range never before imagined. The 6m NANO will have you planing with a surfboard in 15knots!

The NANO also sports the SS Bridle which enables the rider to change the settings of the kite by simply switching knots. With the stability of the NANO and the SS Bridle, schools and beginners will also excel with this kite. From waverider to freerider to novice - the NANO is all the dynamite you could wish for in a small package.

The NANO's reduced strut count also lets us offer the most value-oriented kite on the market. Starting at just $882 (US), the NANO is the least expensive hybrid kite available in the market.

Remarkably, the NANO is equally at home in the snow. With the familiar feel of an inflatable and the convenience of a foil, the NANO will be your choice when its time for your next backcountry adventure. With three struts and the EZ Pump System, an entire NANO quiver can fit into a standard backpack. The NANO pumps up in literally 20 seconds with EZ Pump. You can even use a hand pump to save room in your bag for a backcountry trip.

Build Quality
All ECLIPSE kites have to pass our extensive Hurricane Test. We subject our kites out to the most insane conditions in Hawaii, Hatteras, and Eastern LI in New York. During these sessions, we purposely dump them into the most terrifying wave we can find and then release the kite into the carnage of whitewater. Only a kite that can survive without major damage earns the honor of our Hurricane-Tuff Rating.

On one test run, the NANO didn't survive just one or two swells -- but it endured TEN 15 foot waves When we found the kite on the beach over 45 minutes later, it had no damage. Only one of the bridle attachment points was broken. We fixed it, re-launched, and grabbed another set.

The NANO, like all ECLIPSE kites, is Hurricane Tuff. When you see the name ECLIPSE, you know it is built to endure Earth's harshest conditions with ease. The NANO features specialized reinforcements to get you into the surf or the backcountry with ease.





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