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Eclipse Thruster (2009)

Thruster (2009)

De 2009 Eclipse Thruster in het kort.

The 2009 Eclipse Thruster has once again set the bar, which all high performance kites are judged. The Thruster’s legendary freestyle excellence earned it the reputation as the definitive kite for riders that want it all. If you’re interested in jumping higher, riding faster, riding longer or just escalating every level of your kite surfing experience, then the Thruster is your companion. This is the kite for riders that will accept nothing less then perfection. The experienced seasoned rider will enjoy the free-style trickery the Thruster gives access too. Making the 2009 Thruster the “ALL ACCESS” Kite for any scene.

Eclipse has tweaked the legend with super fast re-launch, more pop, more stability, low-end power and blazing faster turning thought all the sizes. The 2009 Thruster once again delivers performance and style no other kite can match. Eclipse has fused technical materials with intelligent design, balancing performance with sensible engineering to make sure the Thruster is the most versatile equipment in your arsenal. When you ride a Thruster for the first time you feel the high-octane power and control you have only dreamt about. If you want perfection the 2009 Eclipse Thruster is the kite for you.

For Eclipse has enhanced every level of performance, packing the Thruster with advanced features and design concepts that focus on making your Eclipse ride an extension of you, with improved ease of operation and safety upgrades. You need this kite.








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