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Gaastra Max III (2009)

Max III (2009)

De 2009 Gaastra Max III in het kort.

“Competition Freestyle Kite”

The MAX is, and will be a reference for other designers to create a top of the range competition / freestyle Kite. With the superior depower range and directbar-feeling it will remain a brilliant kite for intermediate kiters who prefer the more predictable ‘C’ kite feeling with all the benefi ts of a new age kite design.

MAX Facts
Bullet proof manufacturing ensures a longer life span
Speed pump offers more watertime
Optimal wind range of perfect feeling/handling
Quick and easy relaunch, learn faster to get radical
Direct steering delivers 100% kite control even in the sickest tricks
Fast turning gives you that piece of extra speed to accelerate
5th line safety system for your maximum safety
Batten pockets at the tips ads stability for the extreme
More unhooked power







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  • Morres op 18 April 2009 @ 00:44
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    6-8-12-14 moeten er nog bij
  • andy op 18 April 2009 @ 00:54
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  • Morres op 18 April 2009 @ 12:11
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    thx doed
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