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Gaastra Vision 2 (2006)

Vision 2 (2006)

De 2006 Gaastra Vision 2 in het kort.

Vision 2 returns. with specific design modifications aimed to super-charge performance and durability construction.

The new Vision takes high-performance kiteboarding to the next level.

5 Batten
Configuration for supreme stability.

Integrated Tip Design
The integrated tip design places the leading edge tube on entire length
of the kite front edge. This simple design approach improves
aerodynamics at the tips influencing hyper responsive flight

Streamlined struts
Segmented strut constructions require endless pieces to form a smooth
profile. Fewer segments produce a lighter kite and a more streamlined
profile. For the lightest strut with the smoothest profile, the
solution is “streamlined struts”; two panels that form the strut sides
provide perfectly harmonic aerodynamic shapes at minimum weight.
Durability is also superior due to less seaming.

Thread line-Controlled Front Arc
Our front-bladder segments are closely controlled regarding the
orientation of the thread line, this ensures the Vision will not take
on an asymmetrical shape.

Multi-Direction Valves
For inflation ease on all struts.

Valve Sticks
For deflation ease on all struts.

XXL Leading Edge Purge Valve
For convenience and safety.

attachment point.

Variable Wing Tip
Connection points for the ultimate in fine-tuning.









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