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Naish Aero II (2003)

Aero II (2003)
Aero II (2003)

De 2003 Naish Aero II in het kort.

The Aero II has the optimal combination of aspect ratio and foil
section that makes it the most user friendly kite on the market.

We've improved an already great kite with a package that is now
without a doubt the best moderate aspect kite on the market. The Aero
II is designed for overall performance for intermediate to advanced
riders. This kite is all about consistent power, fast turning, big
jumps and fun factor. Due to a slightly higher aspect ratio than the
original Aero, hangtime and upwind performance have been increased, but
it still water launches effortlessly. Wider tips (now inflated, not
battened) with multiple attachment points make for fast turning. The
new Aero? wide range of depower gives riders confidence even in gusty
conditions. Improved kite materials and segmented struts provide
increased structural stability and
durability while the rocket strut ends decrease parasitic drag. The
icing on the cake is that the Aero II comes with the latest safety
systems developed by Naish. The patent pending Quick Release Trim Loop,
a wristless safety leash, and a tapered carbon control bar give you the
safety and security that will allow you to take your riding to the next










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