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Naish X2 (2002)

X2 (2002)
X2 (2002)X2 (2002)

De 2002 Naish X2 in het kort.

The X2 represents a giant leap forward in kite design. An evolution of the ARX, the X2 will usher in a new era of high performance kiteboarding. It redefines performance with its ultra smooth power curve, accurate turning ability, and a foil section that has been fine tuned to be a jumping machine!.

The X2 integrates several new design features, construction techniques, and materials, never before seen in the kiting industry. Our newly developed 3-D strut technology, for example, creates a rock-solid structure that allows for a perfectly shaped and stabile foil section. Made with Naish's exclusive new Polyfuse- Plus strut material, strut durability and seam integrity are better than ever. The result of computer modeled wind tunnel testing and Naish's powerful 3-D kite design program is a foil shape that is optimized for the complex job that extreme kiteboarders ask of their kites. This ideal foil shape is "locked in" by 88 shaping panels, compared to the 30 panels on the ARX. (compare that to any other kite on the market!) This high level of shape control is possible because of Naish's complex proprietary design software and the way it seamlessly integrates with our manufacturing facility. Even at high loads, the canopy is solidly held to its designed shape because of the number of seams, giving the rider confident control in even the roughest conditions.

Our innovative 3-D segmented strut technology provides greater control of the foil shape, allowing us to match the strut shape with the canopy foil, and drastically reducing deformation at the strut attachment points. A new aerodynamic design of each strut's trailing edge further reduces parasitic drag and will not snag flying .

The wingtips on the X2 feature an integrated inflatable wingtip batten, giving you all the advantages of a rigid batten with a more precise feel and effective oversheeting. Not to mention, without rigid battens your kite will fold up much smaller and easier!

Multiple line attachment points on the front and rear of the wingtip give more options for tuning the kite for the conditions or riding style or bar setup.

All this combined with special features like easy open flying line tips, an innovative safety system, ultra sleek canopy graphics and impeccable craftsmanship will blow the minds of anyone who grabs hold of one!

Features and Benefits:

Increased canopy control
·ARX had 30 shaping panels… X2 has 88!
·This translates into three times the foil control
·More precise foil control means more efficient wing
·More seams reduce canopy distortion due to stretching

3-D Segmented Strut Technology
·Laws of inflation and limitations of materials previously prevented the strut
from matching the canopy foil
·3-D technology allows for greater control of the foil shape, reducing
canopy deformation at strut attachment points

More Aerodynamic Strut Ends
·Less drag equals better performance
·Flying lines won't get caught on tip that extend from trailing edge

Integrated Inflated Wingtip Battens
·Fold your kite without rigid batten hassles
·Inflated wingtip battens inflate with Leading Edge reducing rigging time of
two extra bladders
·Provides for more effective oversheeting
·More precise feel and responsive turning (than no battens)

Multiple attachment points
·Turning speed adjusters on front and rear of wingtip
·Gives rider more options for tuning for conditions, skill and riding style/bar









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