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Pansh A15 (2015)

A15 (2015)
A15 (2015)A15 (2015)

De 2015 Pansh A15 in het kort.

This is a closed-cell depower kite. The kite has 33 cells, It is complete now after 3 years hard working done by PANSH R&D department. The kite has no official name yet. We temporarily name him PANSH A15. This is a 15m² Membership Edition for PANSH members to experience it beforehand. PANSH A 15 set a number of innovative designs in one. It is an intermediate to advanced level kite designed for land, snow, kite boarding and kite surfing. This freestyle machine with high performance is smooth control and easy to re-lunch. You can feel the fast speed and the fast turning all the time. You can also find it is easy to get the turning speed up. The kite is very stable and predictable. When gust hit or you become over powered, let go of the bar, and it handles perfectly. The unique double cell design creates a reduction in turbulent airflow, giving PANSH A15 more speed, increased more stable depower and longer lifting period.

PANSH A15 is made of highest quality light weight material. The canopy made of high strength rip stop nylon fabric. This makes the kite a longer service life and higher performance. The particular double-side silicone coating technology is applied on the fabric. It has the waterproof and anti static finishing. No matter where you fly, dust and water on the kite will fly away easily.

The feature of PANSH A15:

* Sustained and controllable power, Easy to control, Long lifting period.
* Top quality material
* Distinguished PANSH owned factory hand making technology.
* Unique double cell designed trailing edge
* Unique magnetic blow-off valves
* Dirt-out and water-out system at the middle cell and tip cells
* PANSH designed Dual-way Alternate Inflation System (DAIS)
* The dirt-out and drainage system channels cross the whole trailing edge. All the cells are interlinked. Dirt and water easily come out.
* Double sewing and the extra and extended sewing of the stress points improved the performance of the kite and extended the operation life of the kite.
* The internal reinforcements and strapping improved the durability and load distribution.
* High performance low stretch sleeved UHMWPE bridles
* Fine high quality parts
* Double pulley system attached with special braid solid waterproof UHMWPE pulleys lines
* The deflation zipper on back centre cell easily deflates the kite.
* PANSH owned factory and sales allow people to choose kite only, Ready to Fly and custom color freely.
* Ready to Fly package can easily fly right out of the bag. No set up needed.
* The Kite Only package comes with 5-line connection instruction
* A free large draw string bag comes with kite. The kite is easily packed after flying.

The ULTRALIGHT version is about 25% lighter than the standard version, ULTRALIGHT version is less resistant to harsh abuse compare with the standard version. It is for the well experienced pilot who aim for high performance. The A15 ULTRALIGHT version is made on request. There are 3 colors available. Please state your color option when you make order. The kite will be ready in 20 days time.






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