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Zeeko Notus LW (2011)

Notus LW (2011)

De 2011 Zeeko Notus LW in het kort.

The 2011 Notus 14 LW is Zeeko’s solution for lightwind conditions. If you have the Notus 14 LW by your side you don’t have to worry anymore when the wind barely blows and keeps the other riders off the water. The kite is especially engineered to get you running fast and even performing nice tricks in the lightest breeze. The kite has a very light construction and a larger size.

It is powered up through a One Pump Inflation system and easy to set up. Once it is launched, the Notus 14 LW feels very agile and lively, even if it is a larger kite. The Zeeko team has implemented a special bridle system when it has developed the Notus 14 LW, called Swifty Bridle System. The bridle is 20% shorter to prevent tangling and has an aerodynamic trail reduced by 15%. Furthermore, the bridle is pulley free and very simple to operate.

Due to the use of the Swifty Bridle System, the kite is more responsive, has a reduced bar pressure and very easy to handle. Another innovation is the Easy Relaunch System (ERA) which permits the rider to relaunch the kite fast and easy in case it is crashed. The three strut design keeps the construction light and makes the kite very stable. The rigid structure of the kite makes it perfect for lightwind conditions and keeps it steady if the wind picks up. The kite is engineered using an aerodynamic profile which translates into a lighter bar feel and improved upwind performance.

The kite is very reliable and easy to operate. It can be handled by all riders who are looking to have a good time in lightwind conditions. High stress areas are reinforced and the Notus 14 LW can take a lot of punishment without suffering any damage. The Zeeko Notus 14 LW is available in a 14 meters size only and it can be used with the Zeeko or the Zeeko NG Bar.



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