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Mystic Venom (2009)

Geschikt voor beginners

Venom (2009)

De 2009 Mystic Venom in het kort.

Mystic Kiteboarding Kiteboarding design wetsuits specifically for kitesurfers. Compromise and multi-use constraints are not an issue, their wetsuits are designed for kitesurfers by kitesurfers that incorporate features other wetsuit designers wouldn't think of.

What we're looking for is a wetsuit that is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions that our sport can throw at us, yet have that in-built flexibility which allows us as a rider to perform the way we want to play! They even look good too!



  • P-Flex
  • TRI Span - This lining has multiple advantages. Most noticeable is the stretch capability. For example a 3mm TRI Span arm panel can easily stretch up to twice its original length. Furthermore the lining is made more durable by cross weaving, is therefore able to stretch evenly in all directions and feels soft
    on the skin.
  • Duraflex - A top of the bill material still rules in our suits. This lightweight closed cell neoprene has extreme flexible lining.
  • Air Span - A neoprene that combines extra stretch and durability. Base on a closed cell neoprene AIR Span is warm, flexible and it lasts.


  • Glued and Blind Stitched Technology - Before the pieces are stitched together, they are 2 or 3 times glued. To prevent leaking stitches holes, this stitching method penetrates only half of the neprene thickness. Ensuring a flat and waterproof seam.


  • Sandwich neck closure - The construction of this collar covers all velcro completely with neoprene. However you twist or bend over your head it will always feel soft and comfortable. This neck closure will always feel soft and comfortable.
  • YKK Metal Zipper Puller
  • Blind Zip - The zipper is locked up as much as possible on the inside of the back panel. This results in less water penetrating the zipper and less heat loss due to a chilled surface around the zipper.
  • Key Pocket
  • Back-Up Shield - An extra neoprene layer behind the zipper. If water penetrates the suit, the back-up will guide it out through the water relieve hole.
  • Water Outlet - If water penetrates the zipper, the backup system guides it straight out of the water relieve hole.
  • 3D Composite Kneepads - A highly durable and flexible thin knee surface.
  • Velcro Leg Closure
  • Durable Water Repellent Finish
  • 5mm - Body / 3mm Arm/Legs


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