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Slingshot Mistfit (2011)

Geschikt voor beginners

Mistfit (2011)

De 2011 Slingshot Mistfit in het kort.

For 2011 Slingshot have given their kite board line up a much needed
boost in technology, to match their market leading brand image and range
of kites which have been so successful.
The Misfit is no exception.
This board has been a part of Slingshot since the beginning, and as a
result, its absorbed all the Soul, Passion and Performance that the
Slingshot brand as so legendary for.
 Now Slingshot have given it the research and development that it needed which has given it the technology that’s has put it on the map as a benchmark freestyle driven tool.
 Every freestyle rider should try this before purchasing this years board.
 Despite what you may read, the Misfit actually has a strong rocker line, meaning that it is easily loaded up and released into tricks.
One reason why it has such atomic pop. The new wood core has given a weight reduction of 0.5 lbs in weight. Performance is generated in all riding conditions which makes is such a versatile freestyle tool for a rider who wants to push the limits, without having to worry about weather to conditons are suitable. The Misfit glides through chop very well, yet spot some chop and the misfit explodes into life.


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