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Cabrinha Spectrum (2014)

Geschikt voor beginners

Spectrum (2014)

De 2014 Cabrinha Spectrum in het kort.

Product Details
The Spectrum 2014 implements many of the construction techniques and material often found in more expensive models.
The Spectrum is a progression model which means that it has the performance ability to keep up with your riding level as you progress.
The Pauwlonia wood core provides the type of weight, strength, and rebound that you’d expect from much more expensive models. The Spectrum is a progression model which means that it has the performance ability to keep up with your riding level as you progress.
Wider tips and a forgiving rocker gets the board planing and upwind quickly. The wood core provides bomb proof durability and liveliness for the life of the board.
The Cabrinha Spectrum will get a rider tracking upwind with its easy to control handling. From there it’ll grow with you as you quickly progress through the stages.
When it comes to the performance / value equation, the Cabrinha Spectrum has no competition. With a milled Paulownia wood core and an ABS sidewall construction, the Cabrinha Spectrum is built to withstand the elements.
Its flat bottom provides an easy and forgiving ride in any and all conditions. The Paulownia wood core is responsible for its flex and dampening through the choppy water. The fast rocker will get a rider up on a plane quickly yet allow him or her to control their speed through the Spectrum's edge control.
Built to last, the combination of a wood core and biax glass present a unique blend of weight and durability.
The 6” (15.24 cm) insert pattern also accepts standard foot straps, Sync backless bindings, or a wakeboard boot so you can upgrade your straps if needed.
It’s this versatility that makes the Spectrum 2014 board that will grow with your ability.
Paulownia Wood Core:
Vertically laminated Paulownia stringers produce a high compression / lightweight core. Paulownia has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of all wood species. The result is simple. Bullet proof, with a smooth consistent flex pattern.
Average density: 310kg/m3
Bi-Axial Fibreglass Laminate:
A simplified weave ensuring durability with a loose feel.
A pre-laminated fibreglass thats pre-tensioned and cured under pressure. We apply this to the board in strategic locations to increase strength with a minimal increase to the weight.
Top and Bottom Sheet:
A lightweight and tough material. UV and scratch resistance properties make it perfect for Kiteboard production.
ABS Rails:
The ABS sidewall is laminated to the core during the lay-up process. It's designed to increase the strength while ensuring a smooth, durable and consistent ride.
Core Profile:
All of Cabrinha's core are produced with CNC milling. This means that every core is true to their design. Flex, profile and manufacturing consistency are all exact every time.
Flex Pattern (True Twin Flex):
A symetric pattern provides and identical flex, forward or switch, ideal for all types of riding conditions.
Mounting System (Stainless Steel Inserts):
Based on the industry standard 6 inch (15.24cm) pattern. Cabrinha's stainless steel inserts are custom made to eliminate pull out and spinning. Cabrinha's inserts are all 1/4-20 thread and sized to properly fit the core profiles. They are inserted from the bottom of the core, glued and are in for good.
Arrangement / Layup (Laminate):
Each board has its own unique layup. Cabrinha have tested many different laminates to produce the best combination of strength and weight. The Cores are profiled to dial in the specific flex for a design. Then the laminate is applied to support the flex and increase strength.
The Cabrinha Spectrum also comes standard with 4 high quality glass fins and a handle.
  • Wide Freeride Design
  • Paulowina Wood Core
  • 21” (56 CM) / 24” (61 CM) Sync and Wake Stance Options
  • Flat Bottom
  • Base Components:
  • Hydra Bindings
  • Four x 35mm G-10 fins
  • Grab handle


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