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Ozone Instinct Edge (2007)

Instinct Edge (2007)
Instinct Edge (2007)

De 2007 Ozone Instinct Edge in het kort.

The Edge is an aptly named kite, for riders that like riding hard on the rail and at the edge of their limits. This higher aspect wing is not only fast, it develops a tremendous amount of energy. It’s up to you to choose where to direct that power, keep it in front of you and speed records are likely to break, send it vertical and you just might lose your stomach.

Choose your passion ~ Choose your style. Be warned though, this kite is for advanced and expert riders that are looking for a quick kite with incredible lift and hang-time.

The high aspect ratio plan form of the Edge, the 7 narrow diameter struts and progressive leading edge give the Edge its higher performance characteristics. These design features make for a faster, more aerodynamic kite which gives the Edge more POWER. This power can be utilized to create direct-line speed or massive lift.

The Edge will change the definition of getting air easy. As the Sport is a superb all-round, freestyle, free-ride kite, the Edge adds even more! It does everything you do on the Sport yet twice as fast, twice as high and twice as long! Speed, hang-time and height are the keywords for this design.

The Edge’s design keeps within the feel of the Instinct family, with its gust control and huge wind range yet it has the potential to take the rider to the next level and beyond. With the ability to spend more time in the air the rider will have more time to master tricks, hooked in or unhooked. For those interested in full on speed, the Edge will see you reaching that 50knot barrier.

To achieve maximum performance from the kite, the Edge utilizes individual strut inflation, to maintain optimum pressure in the canopy. The tiny volume of the struts and the self seal valves mean for very fast pumping times and ensures the Edge performs as designed.





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